You have just finished building your house or renovating your office. It’s now time to decide how your floor will look like. Should you go for a wooden floor or a tile floor? Although each one has its merits, if you consider how you would like the overall style of design to look like, you are likely to be pulled strongly towards choosing the tiles over the wooden floor.

This is because tiles are more beautiful and will make your house to have an attractive look. Tiles also have a longer lifespan as compared to wooden floors. Here are some of the popular tile varieties that you can choose from for your home or office.

Types Of Tiles That You Should Know

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tilesThis type of tiles are the most common varieties of tiles. You can find them in almost every office, stores and homes. They are made from clay after which they are heated. They come in two forms: glazed and the unglazed ceramics. For the glazed type, after the clay is heated, the glaze is added which allows for the infinite color combinations to be created. The unglazed ceramic tiles are inexpensive and durable, and that is why they are used in industrial settings.

Porcelain tiles

These are other types of ceramic tiles only that they are denser and very resistant to moisture. This is because the firing process is done at higher temperatures as compared to that of ceramic tiles. This makes them be more stain resistant and less porous. They are therefore suitable for indoors and outdoors installations. However, because they are very dense, their installation cost is often higher since they are hard to cut.

Mosaic tiles

They are usually made of clay or porcelain composition and are usually smaller in size. They are used in bathrooms and on kitchen backsplash due to their creative design and smaller size. They also come in unique shapes that include hexagons and octagons.

Marble tiles

They always have a luxurious and unique look. They are made from marble which is a metamorphic rock that is rich in veining hence making it have a variety of colors. Most people like it because it gives a one-of-a-kind design. However, marble is porous hence should be sealed if used in places like the kitchen.

Natural stone tiles

granitesThey are of several types which include travertine, granites, and slates. Travertine is good for use in bathroom flooring and kitchen backsplashes. Granite tiles are also suitable for use in the bathroom and the kitchen since they are water proof. Other types of natural stone tiles include onyx and sandstones. Travertine Direct will provide you with all types of tiles that you might need.…