Selling a home

Are you planning to sell your home already? Well, people decide to dispose of their homes for many reasons. It could be because they want to upgrade to a modern home, get money to fund another project or just because they are in the business of buying and selling properties.

No matter what the reason is, everyone wants to get a buyer as soon as possible. Being a costly project, buyers take their time to decide since they also want the best. As the seller, you might be wondering; how do I sell my home Cumming, GA fast. This publication gives a guide on how to achieve this without much hassle.

Use an Agent

Real estate agents do a good work of selling homes fast. They have a pool of potential clients either through their website or database whom they can approach to buy your house. Although they take a commission from the sale, these experts will save you time and reduce chances of fraud. What’s more is that they do all the paperwork for the exchange of ownership. In a nutshell, all you have to do is sit back and relax as they make the home sale for you.

Estate agent

Home Staging Strategy

Any home seller is likely to make the process fast if they renovate the home and add modern features. This process is called home staging, which not only entices the sellers but also adds value to the property. As the owner, ensure that repainting is done, the roof can be changed and all cracks in the driveways are repaired.

You could also remodel the bathroom and the kitchen, which will definitely add value to the home. According to research homes that have been renovated have a higher preference for getting a client fast.

Market the House on Social Media

Social media is an easy way to tell as many people as possible that you have a house on sale. Today, almost every person with a mobile phone can access one of the popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These online platforms do have pages that do property listing and you could list yours with ease. Posting clear photos of the house and answering the potential queries clients ask will have you get an interested buyer very fast.

Tell Friends and Family

Word of mouth is powerful and can help you sell the home very fast. Make sure that your friends at work and social events know that you have a house that you are selling. Also, family members can help in spreading this information. Let them share your contact with interested buyers so that they can contact you for viewing and more information.


Today, selling a home is easy unlike a few years ago. The pool of potential buyers has also expanded as people are looking for homes to settle in. However, playing all caution during the process of selling is very important to avoid fraud of such a big project.…

living room

The work of ensuring that your house looks great can daunting and yet interesting. Keeping old furniture in your house for a long time will always result to monotony. This is why it is always advisable to do a bit of renovation once for a while. But how do you ensure that you can find the right furniture for your house? The answer to this question may seem obvious to many, but the truth is that finding good furniture for your home is not always a simple job. It requires one to go an extra mile in trying to understand what you want. This will go a long way in ensuring you get the best furniture for your house. Here is a guide that will assist you in the whole process of finding the best furniture for your house.


Take note of you admirable brands

sofaThis is the first step towards finding the best furniture for your dream. By listing all the brands that you admire, you ensure that you not limit yourself to particular brands. Once this is done, the next step is to evaluate each and every brand that you list down to try to gather as much about each of the brands that you have in mind. Look at the materials that are used for these brands, the price, and the comfortability.



Having evaluated all of the designs and brands that you dim best, the next thing is, to look at their prices. You need to make sure that you do not defy your budget. One of the best ways of finding the best furniture and in the reasonable price is comparing the difference in quality. Sometimes there are huge differences in prices, and when you closely investigate, you realize that minor differences bring the huge difference in price. Being completely informed about the available furniture, you can be sure to find the right furniture at the right prices.


Size of the house

This is very important as it will give you the general idea on the designs that you need to buy. Some designs are good for spacious houses while others will perfectly do with small rooms. The important thing here is that you need to make sure that the furniture you buy is bale to fit the house.


The color

flower vasThe color of the furniture is another thing that you need to put into consideration. Make sure that you do not go for colors that will crash. You, however, can mix the colors to create that aesthetic value that anyone will be attracted to. Check out rattan furniture nz for all designs that you that you want.


big house

Are you selling through an auction or treaty?

It is crucial to be guided by a professional on whichever way you choose to sell the house. The method one eventually choose will depend on the area, the type of house and the state of the property When you consult a professional they will tell you the best way to sell the house. Click on the active link for the homes for sale in palos verdes. Of your plans to sell the house so that he may prepare the title documents and the contract for sale.

Is the house under mortgage?

bedroomIf the house is still under the mortgage as most houses, you have to give authorization to the lending institution to give title deeds to the solicitor in the preparation of the sale contract. It is prudent to carry out this exercise as early as possible to give the counsel ample time to prepare for the contract for sale.

The sale contracts

The beginning of drawing the contract is after relevant documentation has been received by the attorney. It will solely depend on the mode of sale before deciding on how to write the contract. If the sale is through an auction, then the name of the purchaser and the asking price are kept open until after the auction when the buyer and price are known. If by private sale the contract is prepared with price and buyer to have already negotiated and agreed thus the details are included in the contract.

Planning permission

Houses built as from 1st October 1964 must have a planning permission before sale. The planning permission involves: The architect certificate objectively stating that the planning regulations aware followed during the building stage. If there have been any upgrades to the property, there needs to be a similar approval. The planning documents have to be ready for the sale to ensure that a potential buyer does not withdraw from the sale at later stages due to lack of this documentation

When selling, a family home

When it is only one of the spouse’s name on the contract, you will need the signature of the other one to show approval by signature of the sale. When both spouse’s names are on the contract, then it is simpler as their signatures are a requirement anyway. As a requirement, you will have to produce a marriage certificate as per the state.

Signing contracts and closing

deserted housesFirst, your solicitor should send the contract and deeds to the buyer’s solicitor for viewing. The buyer’s attorney will further search the validity of the documentation. He may also advise the client to amend fundamental issues in the contract of sale. After the contract has been okayed by both parties, then the buyer is required to sign and pay the deposit. The signed contract is returned to the vendor for his/her signature. Then it’s duplicated for both parties to have a copy.…