handing over the keys of the house

When faced with the challenge of whether to rent a home or purchase a condo, it’s one of the most staking decisions one can make. Depending on the location, either can be an excellent choice. Take a look at the Verdale Showflat if you’re planning to buy a condo. If you what to buy a condo, you should first know what the benefits of owning a condo. Let’s get the details.

handing over the house keys


If you have been a tenant, you must agree that it’s not usually possible to make improvements to your apartment or condo due to the strict rules and regulations governing the sector. These rules aren’t as flexible. On the contrary, if you decide to own a condo, you have all the freedom to make improvements to the structure.

Tax Benefits

If you decide to sell the condo you already own, you won’t pay any taxes on capital gains if you had owned the condo as your main home. Thus if you have decided you no longer want to live in the condo, it’s wise to sell the property rather than rent out, in regards to taxes.

More Income

house purchase

If you already own a home, purchasing a condo is an excellent way to increase your revenue. It becomes an alternative source of income. Money generated from this investment can be reinvested or channeled to other needs in the home.

Predicting Your Future

You can easily predict your future with the decision you make today. If you decide to buy a condo, you’re assured that you will no longer be paying rent. Additionally, you can use the money you had set out for rent for investment or other valuable use like paying for the home mortgage.

Improved Credit Score

After purchasing a condo, you will be paying for the property’s mortgage regularly a move that will impact your credit score positively. This will guarantee a better credit score in days to come.

Increasing Your Net Worth

When you decide to own a condo, you’re increasing your net worth. This decision will positively strengthen your credit score. Besides, you can acquire more financing since your asset base is expanding.

Building Your Asset Portfolio

If you have rented an apartment or a home, you’re helping another person to pay their mortgage. On the other hand, if you secure a home loan and purchase a condo, you’re warming up to an asset once the loan is paid up. Thus owning a home is an excellent way of adding assets to your list.…